The Legal Bits

We don’t like to be confused by long and complicated legal jargon, but sometimes we need something in writing just so we both know what’s what. Below, you can see all our policies for our business. If you’ve got any questions, give us a shout. Remember, these documents form a legally binding contract between you and us- make sure you read them carefully!

You can read our:

Terms of Service – This governs your purchases and general usage of our site.

Privacy Policy – This lets you know what we do with your information

Refund Policy – Want your money back or want to exchange an item? You’ll find out how to do so here.

Cookies Policy – Sadly, not the edible kind. This explains what they are, and what we do with them.

Brand Ambassador Terms – Signing up to be a Brand Ambassador? Read all about it here.

Gift Voucher Terms – Bought a gift voucher from us from a market? Here are the terms and conditions of use.