This policy applies to all Polar Threads ambassadors (essentially; anyone speaking, writing, blogging, posting on any Platform, or otherwise generally endorsing Polar Threads products or services), and any other individual or entity engaged in promotional endorsement activities on behalf of Polar Threads (collectively referred to herein as Ambassadors).

Polar Threads is committed to clear and accurate advertising messages, endorsements and testimonials when communicating with the public, including the disclosure of all material connections between a Polar Threads marketing promotion using any social media and our Ambassador’s participation in that promotion.

This policy applies on all platforms on which the endorsement or testimonial is being made (written or verbal) including, but not limited to, television commercials, print advertisements, websites, blogs, mobile applications, platforms in general or any other form of media which may be used to advertise.

It’s worth remembering, that you (as an Ambassador) are responsible for your opinions, comments and content made in public, and may be held personally liable for any commentary deemed to be defamatory, libelous, obscene, or an infringement on the proprietary rights of Polar Threads or any third party; therefore Ambassadors should be mindful of this potential liability when expressing opinions, comments and content through posts.

You should at all times be aware that posts may remain public or may be archived so that such posts may be stored and retrievable, indefinitely.

When making statements or other claims made in advertising messages or promotional communications about Polar Threads and/or its products or services, Ambassadors must adhere to the following general standards and disclosure requirements:

1. General Standards

• You (as an Ambassador) should only make statements that reflect your honest opinions, finding, beliefs or experiences. You shouldn’t make statements about experiences with a product that you haven’t personally used, examined or evaluated.

• You must not make deceptive, misleading or untruthful claims about Polar Threads’ products or services.

• You must not make any claims about Polar Threads’ products or services that have no basis in fact.

• You may not engage in any communication that is defamatory or infringes upon the intellectual property or privacy rights of others.

• You may not use any intellectual property of Polar Threads in your Endorsement without the prior written consent of Polar Threads in each instance, and such use must be in accordance with the specific guidelines provided by Polar Threads.

• You may not make any comments or Posts that in any way promotes unsafe or dangerous activities.

You may not make any comments or posts that violate the law.

2. Disclosure Requirements

Ambassadors must clearly disclose any material connections to Polar Threads in all advertising, promotional and Endorsement related communications concerning Polar Threads and/or its products or services.

Such connections may be found in the form of:

• Receiving consideration (for example: monetary compensation, including fees or commissions; gift cards; event access; prizes; free or discounted products or services) provided by Polar Threads to the Ambassador;

• A relationship between Polar Threads and the Ambassador (such as employment or contractual relationships); or

• Potential consideration gained through a promotion, contest, or sweepstakes for which participation is conditioned upon an Endorsement.

Some examples of adequate material connection disclosures may be as follows:

• I received from Polar Threads as a gift;

[Thanks to] Polar Threads, I was given ;

• Polar Threads sent me to try;

Tagging an Endorsement on any Platform with a hashtag that discloses the material connection of the Endorsement to Polar Threads or a specific promotion or contest; possible acceptable examples may include #Ad, #PolarThreadsSponsored, #PolarThreadsContest, etc.

Variations of the above examples may also be adequate depending on the context. If you need any verification before posting, please do let us know.

The key is to disclose that there is a relationship between Polar Threads and you (the Ambassador).

Disclosures need to be made in a clear and conspicuous manner. This generally means, making sure you show the disclosure in a similar size, font, and colour, and don’t bury it inside a hyperlink or at the very bottom of a long post.

Ambassadors who post their own opinions, comments, content or recommendations about Polar Threads, and/or its products or services, must disclose that their views do not necessarily represent those of Polar Threads.

Polar Threads reserves the right to change, alter, or modify this Policy at any time without prior notice. If you do not fully agree to this Policy, then do not submit any Posts or Endorsements.