Creating a legacy of responsibility and change

Our suppliers employ hundreds of people around the world. The decisions we make impact their lives. We want to ensure that the way in which we conduct ourselves benefits everyone in and out of our business. 

We have taken great care in choosing our suppliers by rigorously scrutinising their accreditations. We have ensured that they are operating totally in line with our ethical and environmental policies, and ensure that they share our concerns for our workers’ and our planet’s wellbeing.

We for our people

We take very seriously who we choose to give our business to, as we want to ensure that the money you spend with us goes directly into the pockets of the people making our products, giving them a fair wage and treating our workers fairly. We are totally obsessed with getting every detail in our supply chain perfected for every product we release. No half-measures, and no compromises.

Before reaching our UK-based printers, all of our clothing is made to stringent ethical standards, which means:

No use of child labour

No use of forced labour

Safe and healthy working conditions

Legal labour contracts

Payment of at least the minimum wage, (often exceeding this)

No excessive hours of work

Our approach to printing

Once the garment has reached the UK, our printers then get to work. They hold themselves to high ethical and environmental standards, such as:

All of our printer's workers are paid above the national wage, regardless of age.

DPD, one of our delivery partners, have a carbon neutral commitment

Only using water-based inks. They're OEKO-TEX® approved (no harmful chemicals).

All excess cardboard and paper is recycled

All packaging used to ship all orders is either 100% recyclable or biodeg­ra­dable, or both.

Waste ink is unavoidable, but our printers dispose of theirs responsibly.

The future

Every day, we have the opportunity to leave the world better than we found it. It’s a challenge that never ends. We remain unwavering in our commitment to improve lives and protect the environment.

We are working hard to incorporate sustainable and morally grounded practices into every part of our business and are committed to keeping transparency and accountability a priority. If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you