We need to take less from our planet, so we expect more of ourselves.

We can no longer ignore climate change and its implications on our planet. Earth’s resources are finite and we need to preserve what we have left. We challenge ourselves in every aspect of our business to make sure we’re doing is as eco-friendly as possible.

Since we opened our virtual doors in September 2017, together we have helped save at least...

of Co2e saved from being released into the atmosphere. That's the same weight as;
Baby polar bears or;
Return Eurostar trips from London to Paris

And counting!

Our website is powered by renewable wind energy.

We use servers that are exclusively powered wind turbines. Not only that, but we utilise cloud file sharing systems, and video calling to reduce travelling costs and by extension, emissions created by using transport.

Our organic range is made using renewable energy.

No fossil fuels were burnt in the manufacturing of this range. Period.

We use water-based inks on every print.

Our prints are DTG; direct to garment, and only use water-based inks. They’re OEKOTEX® approved, which means that they don’t contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment.

Our organic range is climate neutral.

Through innovative, sustainable manufacturing and industry-leading efficiencies in energy consumption, our organic range is completely climate neutral. Our garments that carry the Earth Positive mark are the first in the world to have their carbon footprint calculated and approved by the Carbon Trust Certifications UK.

The amount of Co2e saved for every hoodie purchased.
The amount of Co2e saved for every t-shirt purchased.

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