Our Roots

Polar Threads was founded on an unshakable desire to run a clothing business that leads the way in social and environmental responsibility.

We started as a tiny operation in sunny Portsmouth, with the ambition of changing the world of fast fashion. We’re proud of our Pompey roots, and you’ll find us travelling around in various local markets – say hi!

More than

Products launched

Supplier Responsibility

Creating a legacy of responsibility and change. Our suppliers employ hundreds of people around the world. The decisions we make impact their lives. We want to ensure that the way in which we conduct ourselves benefits everyone in and out of our business.

Thanks to you, we've saved at least

3 kg
of Co2e from being released into the atmosphere

*estimation as of 21/01/19

Our Impact

Although we are a small organisation, we have big intentions. We plan to fund projects we care about, like charities that are working to fight climate change, or organisations who work to fight homelessness.

Keep an eye out for what we’re helping out with next.


Cups of tea drunk (or drank, any grammar experts?)

The Team


Abi is the co-founder and Chief Financial Officer, and owns the world’s first ever iPad… (It’s not really, but it is so slow that it’s currently holding up technological advancements.) In the summer of 2016, she travelled out to Uganda to run a holiday club for 800 orphans and has left a piece of her heart there.  Abi has spent years dabbling in different businesses, whilst simultaneously studying at University. In her current role as CFO, Abi is responsible for design (apparel or otherwise), and watches over the financial performance and accountability of the company. When not working, Abi would prefer to be surfing or quad-biking!


James is the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, and has already spent 7 years in business, writing his first app and selling it on the App Store at just age 14. In his role as the COO, he’s currently responsible for any technical requirements the business may have. He has since moved on from app making, and currently runs a business that offers WordPress website development and works for several organisations on their social media presence. When not working, James can usually be found running… for Nando’s (his favourite food!) James also produces his own music.