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My first post! How best to look after your clothes and the environment

G’day from New Zealand!

For my first single-topic-focused blog post on Polar Threads I thought I’d share a brilliant post from 1 Million Women. This organisation was set up by Natalie Isaacs as she set out to build a global movement of women and empower them to act on climate change through the way they live. Some of the articles posted on their social media accounts are only relevant to Australia, where it was founded, but most of them can be related to globally. I would highly recommend following them as they are constantly posting inspiring articles on how to lessen your impact on the environment.

A recent post from them discussed how to lessen your climate footprint by washing your clothes less. As a post on an ethical clothing brand’s website this is really appropriate, because it is one thing shopping ethically but you also need to make sure that you continue this by washing and looking after your clothes ethically.

Since reading this post I have made sure that I only wash my clothes when they really need it, and when I do I wash them on a cold wash with only the minimum required water and the lowest spin cycle. If they just smell like food or cooking then I just air them outside. Unless it is raining then clothes will dry outside in almost any temperatures. This not only uses a whole load less energy but also saves you money on your bills.

If you are washing synthetics consider buying a Guppy Bag online. I was bought one for Christmas and it works great. Simply bung all your synthetics in the bag and wash. Microfibres are caught in the hem of the bag stopping them from entering the water system and only need clearing out periodically into the bin.

In terms of washing liquid look to use refills of liquid/powder at bulk-buy or plastic-free shops. If you don’t have one nearby at least try and purchase planet-friendly brands such as Ecover.

These are just a few of the ways you can look after your clothes and the planet at the same time. But I want to hear from you! Do you have any eco-friendly laundry tips you want to share?




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